Harpie Proxy

Introduction to the Harpie Proxy

Users sign up and log in to Harpie by clicking a link sent to their email. When a user registers, two things are created:
  • A user account in the Harpie Database.
  • An Ethereum signer. This signer is only accessible by the party that owns the email address tied to a Harpie account. This is known as the Harpie Proxy.
To reiterate: you, and only you (not even the Harpie team), can access the Harpie Proxy at any time.
The Harpie Proxy is the cornerstone of Harpie's protection suite. We use this Proxy to moderate transactions, override malicious transactions, and recover crypto. In a general sense, the Proxy can be thought of as a "protection layer" above your wallets that can only be accessed by you on a local machine. We plan to allow customers to generate Harpie Proxies via biometric, social multi-sig, and physical methods in the future.
We use smart contracts to keep your protection plans immutable and on-chain.
If Harpie ever disappears, you are still protected for as long as the Ethereum network continues running. You still own your crypto and can make a recovery at any time.
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