Harpie Whitepaper
Asset Backup and Recovery
Natural disasters, forgetfulness, and unexpected circumstances are all common events which can cause the destruction or loss of a private key. Harpie offers registered users the ability to transfer assets out of their lost wallets even if their wallet key is lost or destroyed.
To create an asset backup and recovery plan, users must first sign a Approval smart contract with their Harpie Proxy. This Approval smart contract gives the Harpie Proxy the ability to transfer tokens out of your wallet at a future point in time. Whenever you need to recover your funds, you'll log in to your Harpie Proxy and Transfer assets out of your lost wallet and into a new one.
An example of the Harpie process:
Customer A would like to recover all of the USDC, DAI, and WETH in their MetaMask wallet in the event that they ever lose their private key. Customer A must Approve their Harpie Proxy to transfer those tokens out of their wallet at a future time.
Two years later, Customer A loses their private key to their MetaMask wallet. They log into Harpie by clicking the link sent to their email and completing 2-factor authentication on their mobile device. They access their Harpie Proxy and transfer their USDC, DAI, and WETH into their new wallet address, successfully completing their recovery!
Users are able to back up as many tokens on as many wallets as they'd like and see all of their existing protection contracts in their dashboard.
Harpie as a company never has access to your funds during any step of the recovery & backup process. Your Harpie Proxy is only accessible by you, and is the only party approved to handle your assets. This extra layer of bulletproof security is part of our Zero-Knowledge Commitment.
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