Harpie monitors your wallet for threats and responds to attacks in real time.


Harpie protects your Ethereum wallet from crypto theft. We monitor your wallet for threats and respond to attacks in real-time. We've protected thousands of users from scams, hacks, and even private key theft!
There are two major components to Harpie:
  • Monitoring: Harpie monitors your wallet, constantly looking for vulnerabilities or threats. When we see one, we notify you and help you fix it right away.
  • Recovery: Even if you fall victim to a hack or a scam, we'll respond in real-time, saving your assets before they're lost forever.
We actively protect over $100M in assets across all Harpie users, and we're partnered with major companies, including OpenSea, Coinbase, and others.


It's a bullish day for Ethereum, and you've decided to rebalance some of your tokens into ETH. You hop on your favorite DEX and go through the exchange process as usual.
Even though you've given the protocol your tokens, the ETH never lands in your wallet. After a few minutes, you start wondering what's going on. You're about to make a report, but you see a tweet from the protocol that makes your stomach sink:
"Frontend is compromised. Do not use until further notice!"
You've just been robbed, and there was nothing you could have done about it.
Crypto shouldn't feel scary to use, but stories like the above happen every day to every subset of crypto user—from yield farmers, to NFT whales, to everyday hobbyists.
Theft is becoming rampant in the crypto space. Crypto users deal with attacks like website hijackings, social engineering scams, and social media misinformation on an almost-daily basis.
Harpie protects you from crypto theft. We scan your wallet, notify you of any issues, and fix them for you. We've protected thousands of users from scams, hacks, and even private key theft.

How it works: summary

Harpie works in two steps: monitoring and recovery. We monitor your wallet, constantly looking and fixing any vulnerabilities we find. We're also prepared for the worst: should you fall victim to a scam or hack, we can recover your assets in real-time.
If you're worried about your wallet security, Harpie is the complete solution: we both prevent attacks and respond to security emergencies.


Harpie detects your security vulnerabilities and helps you address them immediately.
Whenever you interact with an on-chain service, you open yourself to extreme risk. Most on-chain services ask you to open an approval, which allows that service to transfer assets out of your wallet at any time.
These approvals often have devastating consequences:
  • If an on-chain service you've used in the past gets hacked, hackers can use an open approval to steal all your crypto
  • If there's a bug within an on-chain service you've used, hackers can exploit them to drain your assets.
    • OpenSea approvals allow hackers to trick you into "private selling" all their NFTs to them for 0 ETH
We notify you of these vulnerabilities and help you fix them before they become a problem.


In case of emergencies, Harpie can respond before hackers get their hands on your crypto.
  • Our Transaction Firewall integrates with any wallet you're using. If we detect that you're accidentally sending money to a scammer, we can prevent that transaction from ever hitting the blockchain!
  • Our Vault is our last line of defense. We're able to see pending transactions on the blockchain. If we see that you've signed and sent your money away to a scammer, we can intervene in real-time, preventing that transfer from ever happening.
Both of these emergency recovery options give us a lot of trust: because of that, they're both totally opt-in. They're the most advanced security tools for individual users, so if you truly care about making your wallet security bulletproof, you'll be able to activate these features in your dashboard